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Selecting a right vehicle for the removals job is very important. Making a right choice will not only save you money but also save a big headache of not doing multiple rounds from pick and drop off address. A thoughtfully selected Man and Van option will ensure that all stuff fits and delivered smoothly.

Below are some common Removals Vehicles and terminology used in the Removals Trade and the description to help you choose the Best Man and Van option. It is a guide only and individual circumstances may vary, especially with some people having a garage full of stuff, which will require a bigger vehicle :-



2 Ton Transit Van ( Man & Van )

Commonly used to describe  one man and a van. Before hiring and van, you need to understand and consider a few important things.

  • The height of a van is not enough to fit a full height fridge in it because it is not recommended to lie the fridge on the floor on the side. Check the height of your fridge and check our vehicle size guide and if the fridge is bigger, then this option is not suitable for you.
  • A thee seater couch is also considered too big for a van, measure your sizes and check it with our vehicle cabin size, before opting for “Man & Van” option
  • It is impossible for one removalist to lift heavy furniture like dining table, TV cabinet etc. Unless you are willing to help, it is common sense to get the services of two removalists.
Our Advice : Man and Van option is really suitable for 1 bedroom apartments with single bed, small table, bar fridge, and boxes.

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4.5 Ton Truck

4.5 Ton truck is commonly referred to as the Removals Truck, it is 4.5 GVM and suitable for medium size homes and offices. There are a few considerations when it comes this vehicle :-

  • 4.5 Ton truck is suitable for 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom houses. It can easily house large couches and Tall fridges. Even if you are moving a 4 or 5 bedroom house, this will be most economical choice if you are moving within the same suburb or within 10 Kms.
  • Two Removalists with 4.5 Ton truck is an excellent choice. Two can work in tandem, they can lift heavy furniture together and can work smoothly. Some people will argue in favour of 3 removalists, but in my experience the 3rd person if not of much help unless the house has stairs, because in a ground floor house, a third person is only lifting boxes and single items, which do not consume much time. It is the heavy lifting which takes time and unless there are stairs involved, 2 removalists are more than enough.
  • If you are living in an apartment and the loading and Unloading is via undercover parking space, please measure the height of the entrance before choosing 4.5 Ton truck. Most of the time the height clearance is not enough for this vehicle to enter. In which case you have to go for a flat tray truck.
Our Advice :
*4.5 Truck with 2 removalists is suitable for 2 or 3 Bedroom houses, which are located on ground floors or do not have very heavy furniture in excess of 50 kiloin weight.
*4.5 Truck with 3 removalists is suitable for 2 or 3 Bedroom houses,where there are stairs and very heavy furniture involved
*4.5 Truck with 2/3 removalists is suitable for 4 or 5 bedroom houses,where the drop off address is in the close vicinity , ( within 5~10 Km range).
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6 Ton Truck

6 Ton Truck is a big truck for 3 or 4 Bedroom houses, and mainly for long distance travel or interstate travel. It can accommodate all heavy and big size stuff. Choosing the number of removalists is up-to the discretion of the customer. If the house is multilevel and there is heavy and lots of furniture, it will be wise to hire more than two removalists, so the move can finish in shorter time.

Our Advice :
*If you are only moving within the same suburb or within 10 km of low traffic conditions as said earlier 4.5 ton truck may turn out to be more economical.
*If you are moving in excess of 10Km or interstate 6 ton truck is your only choice.
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8-Ton Interstate removalsRemovalistsRemovalistsRemovalists

 8 Ton Truck

8 Ton truck is exclusively for interstate travel and for more than 4 bedroom house. At least 3 Men hire is advised to minimize time spent.

Our Advice :
*Big House Interstate Moving Truck. *Best with 3 men , to save time and Money.
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