Frequently Asked Questions

Costs And Savings in relation to furniture removal service.

“When is the most cost effective time for me to move?”

Excluding holidays, the most economical time to move is Monday To Friday.

“Melbourne City Movers – cost of hiring?”

Melbourne City Movers’s price is very competitive and priced in a way to meet every clients needs. We work on an hourly basis and can provide a fixed price if requested, which will involve an onsite visit. Quote is based on moving location, no of story’s in the building, heavy items like a piano etc and pick-up to drop-off location, lift access or stairs etc.

“Is it cheaper for me to rent a truck and move myself?”

To Hire a truck costs in the range of $250 per day plus the labor hire for your removals needs, the end cost can become more than twice than if you would have hired a removalist from Melbourne City Movers. If you want to save on money and headache get in touch with pros at Melbourne City Removalists.

Customer Service

Our Customer service people are our experienced removalists , which are experienced in the art of moving. All of your questions will be answered precisely and professionally, and you will be given a precise and accurate quote on the spot. We will also guide you to the vehicle size to choose based on your needs and give you most economical solution.

Scheduled Time Of Arrival

We will give you an accurate time of arrival in the Morning and our large fleet will ensure that there is no delay even at times of accidents. Afternoon job start time depends on the time Morning job finishes, so harder to predict. Based on our experience we normally predict it very accurately but sometimes there can be around 1 hour delay.

Are there extra charges for Stairs ?

Yes, Stairs are extra burden on the Removalists, and require additional strength and techniques. It can take a toll on the movers and reduces their ability to work full day. A standard $2 per stair step extra charge applies on top of the total moving charges. Its a one off fee only and will not cost  you everytime the removalists go up and down the stairs.

Are there extra charges for Weekends?

Yes, weekend work is charged $10/hr extra to our weekdays hours as stated in the charges section.

Service booking confirmation

Once you confirm the booking with us, we will provide you with a written confirmation of the quote, day and time of service, Vehicle size details and number of removalists for the job. We will also mail you our terms and Conditions of service.

What about Hazardous items.

We are not authorized to move Combustible items , explosives and hazardous chemicals. Please contact the experts to get rid of these items.

Preparation For Moving Service

To prepare before the removalists arrive, please go through our mover’s checklist.

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